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Waterfall Software Development

We use waterfall software development to effectively identify and manage each stage of the project.

Waterfall Distinctives

The software development team is directly accessible to the client throughout the project development. Project management software can be used to track the progress of the application’s development.

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Waterfall Stages

At SofHub, each waterfall project follows four stages: Elaboration, Implementation, Stabilization, and Transition.

Elaboration stage

Our software designers will decide on the project scope, and then prepare the detailed specification.

Stabilization stage

Our software development team will begin work as soon as the full agreement is signed and the initial payment is received.

Implementation stage

We will estimate the logistics regarding cost and personnel. We will prepare a contract for signature once these key terms have been approved by you. Every aspect of our business relationship is covered by the full agreement. This includes licensing and intellectual property issues, commercial confidentiality, the extent of our warranty, the agreed period of maintenance and support, etc.

Transition stage

Based on daily reports, time sheets and pre-negotiated rates, the work is billed at the end of every month.

Why Waterfall

  • The waterfall model is ideal where a complete specification (or a solution to a business problem) still needs to be developed. This usually occurs in long-term projects where periodic adjustments to business software are required.
  • The waterfall model encourages clear and open communication between parties. Detailed information sharing is crucial to narrowing down the project scope. Timely feedback is also required so that our work continues to meet your business’ expectations.

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