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Ruby on Rails Development

We provide solutions using this server-side framework, which facilitates all the requirements for a database, web based applications.

Experienced Ruby on Rails development

Our team are experienced with Ruby on Rails developers, and we use this trusted open source web application framework which provides a wide range of capabilities in an efficient and effective manner. Ruby on Rails provides our clients with great flexibility, and is able to build rubust and scalable applications. As a result of our experience with using Ruby on Rails for a variety of our projects, we have gathered valuable tools and knowledge to help businesses succeed.

Our Ruby on Rails development team

We have an expert team of Ruby developers who look forward to implementing the best solutions for clients, and creating valuabe results.

Why do we use it?

Search We use databases such as Elastic Search in order to store, retrieve and manage document-oriented or semi-structured data. It is designed to handle real-world projects, and manage complex data through a single query.
Caching Caching enables efficiency, by reducing the workload of the remote web server by spreading data widely among the proxy caches over the WAN. It also helps to decrease network traffic and therefore solve the problem of network congestion.
Frameworks We use the best frameworks that enable scalability and usability, and we follow development standards, which allows code to be well organised, and beneficial for the growth of applications.
Queue Using a Task Queue allows you to effectively manage workload, adding more team members where necessary. By using this flexible and efficient method,we are able to provide clients with great results.
QA and Automated Testing We offer the best QA expertise, and provide testing for performance related factors such as functionality and usability. We are dedicated to making sure that our final solutions are of the best possible quality. Our testing team has extensive technological experience and knowledge, and is involved in all stages of the QA and automated testing process. We gather detailed QA reports, enabling results and performance related issues to be clearly documented.
Data Management We take advantage of the best data management tools available in order to process and organise volumes of data. This makes it possible to store data at an efficient speed at optimum quality.
TIME EFFICIENT Ruby on Rails contains ready-made plugins and modules, allowing developers to save time not having to write code.
This enables RoR developers to be able to build applications 30-40% quicker than some other programming languges and frameworks.
COST-EFFECTIVE Ruby on Rails is an open sourced framework, which allows features to be added without the need to create them from scratch.
This enables developers to save time, while still creating an application with high quality features and capabilities.
BUG-FREE DEVELOPMENT Ruby on Rails framework has a built-in test suite that provides a variety of useful testing features, including expectation syntax, test benchmarking, and mocking. It also encourages Test Driven Development, and Behaviour Driven Development.

Let us get to know you better!

We look forward to working with you and providing a custom solution to suit your needs. Feel free to give us a call or send us a message using the form below.