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We help create business solutions using our Node.js web development expertise

Leading Node.js development provider

We are able to build our clients’ business solutions from scratch, ensuring that the implemented functionalities are tailored specifically to your business goals. We have experienced developers, using the Javascript framework to deliver, efficient, scalable business applications.

Competitive Advantage

Node.js has become stand-alone name within the industry, and we help businesses to gain competitive advantage by utilizing the strengths of its implementation

Node.js Benefits

Sofhub has created many Node.js solutions, helping companies to optimize their performance, and identify new business opportunities, with the ultimate goal to increase efficiency and boost ROI.

Why Sofhub?

Our Node.js developers use their technical capabilities and experience to deliver our clients with all the benefits of Node.js.

Why do we use it?

Frameworks We use the best frameworks that enable scalability and usability, and we follow development standards, which allows code to be well organised, and beneficial for the growth of applications
Data Management We take advantage of the best data management tools available in order to process and organise volumes of data. This makes it possible to store data at an efficient speed at optimum quality.
Queue Using a Task Queue allows you to effectively manage workload, adding more team members where necessary. By using this flexible and efficient method,we are able to provide clients with great results
Search We use databases such as Elastic Search in order to store, retrieve and manage document-oriented or semi-structured data. It is designed to handle real-world projects, and manage complex data through a single query
Caching Caching enables efficiency, by reducing the workload of the remote web server by spreading data widely among the proxy caches over the WAN. It also helps to decrease network traffic and therefore solve the problem of network congestion
Accessibility As data I can be accessed quickly from the cache rather than having to retrieve it from the main memory, this makes information easier to access, in real time. This element of convenience within the technology industry is increasingly becoming more demanded..
INTELLIGENT SHOPPING We implement systems that analyse the behavioural patterns of shoppers, in order to provide product recommendations, based on their preferences. We understand that AI is shaping both the present and the future of shopping, therefore we help businesses to react to the demand of the shift from traditional methods, to digitally influenced shopping behaviours.
STREAMING APPLICATIONS We take advantage of the Stream API that Node.js offers, by creating high performance streaming applications for our clients. Node.js makes it possible to transmit some of the applications code to a local machine without disrupting the connection, meaning that components can be easily downloaded on demand. By using Node.js to create streamline applications, we are able to provide clients’ with great results
SOCIAL NETWORKING APPLICATIONS We use Node.js to create single-page applications, of many different designs and sizes. Such applications benefit from the data flow of Node.js, and the ability to receive new data without the need to refresh the page. Such functionalities provide social networking applications with user-friendly capabilities.

Let us get to know you better!

We look forward to working with you and providing a custom solution to suit your needs. Feel free to give us a call or send us a message using the form below.